Regenerating Places - Edexel A-level Notes


The working sectors of the United Kingdom:

There is four main sectors of employment within the UK which are known as:

- Primary - This involves extracting or obaining natural resources. These jobs are usually hard manual labour and have a moderatly low pay.

- Secondary - This involves using the resources that were extracted and creating a product that is more useful to us with it. These jobs pay more than the primary sector and require hard labour but not as much.

Tertiary - These are jobs that are the most common in developed countries. These jobs have a large pay range depending on the level of skill the job requires and the employee has. This can range from a teacher to a lawyer.

Quaternary - These are the highest skilled jobs available on the job market and involve high-tech and development that will be essential for future progress. 

What is Regeneration and when is it needed?

Regeneration is the re-updating and modifying already exisiting places to make it more appealing for a certain purpose (Like social or economic) These can take different periods to complete and can also be in various scales. Regenerations main ideal is to tackle inequality within an area.

Regeneration is needed in an area where it is unbalanced with its surroundings. An example of this is the London Docklands which became a brownfield site filled with


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