Reflex actions, Synapses, Learning & behavior, Memory

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Relfex Actions 

  • A reflex arc is a FIXED nervous pathway taht enables quick 'automatic' responses independent of the brain.
  • Simple reflexes include dropping a hot object and newborn reflexes.

A spinal reflex arc included a Receptor - Sensory neuron - relay neuron - motor neuron - effector.



  • Neurons do not connect physically;impulses are transmitted across gaps called synapses.
  • Some toxins and drugs affect the transmitted of nerve impulses across synapses.
  • There are many different transmitters, each corresponding to a specific receptor.
  • An impulse arriving at the end of a nerve causes the release of a chemical transmitter.
  • The transmitter diffuses acorss the synapse, binds to receptor molecules and sets up an impulse in the next


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