Reflections for proficiencies


1. Support people to make informed choices to promote their wellbeing and recovery, assessing their motivation and capacity for change using appropriate therapeutic interventions e.g. cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

2. Apply the principles underpinning partnerships in care demonstrating understanding of a person’s capacity in shared assessment, planning, decision- making and goal setting.

Assess a person's capacity to make a decision, for example regarding how much fluid they will aim to have taken off that session. The initial patient assessment is in collaboration with the patient, ensuring we ask the patient a series of questions. Working through the A-E assessment, discussing with the patient to calculate how much fluid theyre aiming to be taken off can be discussed with the patient, we them aim to work in partnership with the patient in order to set a goal for that session of treatment.


7. Maintains accurate, clear and legible documentation


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