Reducing the effects of volcanoes

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There are many ways of reducing the impacts of Volcanoes


  • It's possible to roughly predict when a Volcanic eruption will happen. Scientists are able to monitior the tell-tale signs that come before a volcanic eruption.
  • Things such as tiny earthquakes, escaping gas and changes in the shape of the volcano ( e.g bulges in the land where magma has built up under it) all mean that an eruption is likely to occur.
  • predicting gives people time to evacuate , which results in reducing the number of deaths and injuries


  • Future developments-e.g new houses can be built to avoid the areas most at risk from volcanic eruptions. Reducing the number of buildings destroyed by an eruption. 
  • Firebreaks can be made to reduce the spread of fires 
  • Emergency services can train and prepare for disasters, e.g by practising setting up emergency camps for the homeless people. This reduces the number of people being killed because they have shelter.


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