Reduce rate of soil erosion


Reducing the rate of soil erosion!

Cultivation of long term crops – Long term crops such as grass, bushes such as tea, coffee and trees such as fruit do not require regular soil disturbance so erosion is reduced.

Not cultivating on steep slopes – Steep slopes are easily eroded so they should not be cultivated unless long term crops are cultivated and they are terraces are used.

Terracing – These are horizontal fields that have been landscaped on a hillside with retaining walls. They prevent drainage water flowing rapidly down the hillsid, although if the soil becomes waterlogged landslides are possible.

Contour Ploughing – If a field is ploughed up and down a slope, the furrow speeds up the flow of runoff water therefore increasing erosion rates. If the field is ploughed along the contours then the ridges slow the water down, increase infiltration and reduced runoff & erosion.

Ploughing across the wind – If ploughing is carried out in very dry areas then it should be done at a right angle


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