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Kinetics is the study of the factors that affect the rates of chemical reactions.

Collision Theory

For a reaction to take place between two particles they must collide with enough energy to break bonds and be in the correct orientation.

This means not all collisions result in a chemical reaction.

Factors that Affect the Rate of Reaction

To increase the rate of reaction:

  • Increasing the temperature - increases speed of meolecules which increases energy and frequency of collisions
  • Increasing concentration of a solution - more particles present in a given volume, collsions more likely to occur
  • Increasing the pressure of a gas - has the same effect as increasing concentration
  • Increasing the surface area of solid reactants - more particles availible to collide
  • Using a catalyst 

Activation Energy

The minimum energy required to start breaking bonds.

The distance between reactants and the top of the curve of an enthalpy diagram is the activation energy. The species that exists at


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