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Key Words/Definitions/Equations

Labour Productivity = The total output of a business per worker 

Labour Turnover = Number of staff who leave the business in a year/in a certain time period 

Labour Turnover = Number of workers leaving / Average employed in that time period x 100 

Working Conditions = Physical surroundings & workplace atmosphere. Also includes hours worked, total pay & treatment of staff 

What is the Impact on Recruitment/Selection Costs of High Labour Turnover & Low Labour Productivity?

One of the main impacts of high labour turnover and low labour productivity is poor working conditions. By having poor working conditions, a business can easily decreae motivation and the willingness of the employees to work hard as they will feel undervalued and unappreciated. These feelings could lead to resentment and employee dissastisfaction. 

Working conditions can be anything to do with a business and the way it is run: 

  • Lack of pay
  • Dirty facilitites 
  • No/bare minimum benefits (If an employee has a 0-hour contract, it is common for the employee to receive no benefits)
  • Lack of health and safety regulations
  • Overlooking of the ergonomics of the business (ie. uncomfortable chairs, small kitchen space (against Maslow's social needs in his hierarchy))

The working conditions of a business are most likely going to have a negative impact on the recruitment/selection processes. For example:

  • Lack of choice - No one will want to join a business with poor working conditions, possible only       


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