Recruitment and selection

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  • Job analysis- what would people want to know about the job- roles, pay, holiday, hours.
  • Job description- roles and responsibilities.
  • Person specification- experience and qualities sought. Professional and personal information.

Internal recruitment- promotions, already work within the organisation. 


  • Less time consuming
  • Costs less
  • Strengthen employee engagement


  • Could cause resentment and jealousy between staff
  • Limits pool of applicants
  • Results in inflexible culture

External recruitment- filling in the vacancies with a suitable applicant from outside the business.


  • Fresh skill and input
  • Generation of creative ideas
  • Competitive spirit
  • Qualified candidates
  • Better growth


  • Could be time consuming
  • High costs
  • Internal disputes with existing employees
  • Limited understanding of company

Process of external recruitment-

  • Ask whether they need…


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