Receptors examples

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Found in wall of carotid arteries and aorta

  • Chemoreceptors detect pH changes in blood
  • CO2 is acidic

Increased frequency of nervous impulses to the medulla oblongata

So.. increased frequency of impulses (via sympathetic nervous system) to SAN... Increased heart rate!

Increased blood flow = more CO2 removed = normal level of CO2 again

Pressure Receptors

Blood pressure is higher than normal:

  • Nervous impulses sent to centre in medulla oblongata that decreases heart rate
  • Medulla oblongata sends nervous impulses (via parasympathetic nervous system) to SAN in heart
  • Heart rate slows

Blood pressure lower than normal:

  • Nervous impulses to centre in medulla oblongata; impulses through sympathetic nervous system to SAN and increased heart rate.


Sensory receptors:

  • Are specific to one type of stimulus
  • Produce a generator potential by acting as a transducer
    • A transducer converts information provided by stimulus into a form that the body can recognise; the mechanical energy (eg) into a nervous impulse -the generator potential

The Pacinian Corpuscle

Found deep in the skin - mainly in fingers, soles of feet, joints, external genitalia, ligaments and tendons

The single sensory neurone is a naked (non-myelinated) nerve ending and is at the centre of many layers of


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