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Receptors are specific....

  • only detect 1 particular stimulus.
  • some receptors are cells e.g. photoreceptors.
  • some receptors are proteins on cell surface membranes e.g. glucose receptors.

Pascinian Corpuscles:

  • mechanorepectors- pick up mechanical stimuli e.g. pressure.
  • contain en of a sensory neurone wrapped in layers of lamellae.
  • Pressure squashes the lamellae & presses on the neurone ending.
  • Sodium channels open, sodium diffuses into cell, & a generator potential is produced.
  • If this gets to be larger than the threshold value, an action potential is produced.


  • Light enters eye through pupil (iris muscles control the amount let through).
  • The lens focuses the rays onto the retina at the back of the eye.
  • The…


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