reasons for withdrawel from America

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low morale and inexperienced troops...

  • up to 1967 all the troops were volunteers but after they had to be conscripted
  • many of them had just left school they were inexperienced and simply wanted to return home. in contrast VC fighters were very motivated
  • many US soldiers came from poor or immigrant backgrounds, they had seen others avoid been drafted and so they had little willingness to fight

tactics used by the VC....

the US had 500,000 men fighting by 1968 whereas the VC only had 170,000 men therefore they used guerilla warfare to fight back....

  • retreat when the army attacks, launch surprise attacks when army rests
  • pursue when the army retreats
  • wear enemy down by ambushing troops and laying booby traps down to wear them out
  • not wear uniform and live amongst civilians for protection

The press and media.....


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