Reasons for boys underachievement

  • Literacy
    • gender gap in achievement is due to the lower literacy skills of boys 
    • boys leisure pursuits do not develop linguistic skill, whereas girls 'bedroom culture' does
  • Globalisation and the decline in traditionally male jobs
    • decline in industries such as mining, engineering and steelworking due to globalisation and the ability to get more labour cheaply
    • many boys see office work as effeminate and do not try hard at school due to this 
  • Feminisation of education
    • schools do not nurture traditional masculine values such as leadership and competition
    • coursework is catered towards girls which disadvantages boys 
  • Shortage of male primary school teachers
    • a lack of role models perpetuates the feminisation of education 
    • boys do not respond effectively to female teacher's discipline 
  • Gender and subject choice
    • National curriculum 
      • boys and girls vary at subject choice at GCSE (Textiles for boys…


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