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‘Renaissance’ is a French word that means rebirth. The Medical Renaissance refers to a period when new ideas were beginning to influence medicine.

These new ideas were slowly breaking down old beliefs and rethinking the way the world worked. At this time, Protestantism challenged the teachings of the Catholic Church- this made the Catholic Church much less able to promote its preferred beliefs about science and nature.

Scientists provided evidence that the Greek teachings about how the world worked were incorrect. Vesalius, a doctor working in Padua, proved through dissection that Galen’s work on anatomy was wrong. Although these ideas took a long time to become widespread, the new printing presses meant that they could be published and spread even though they went against the teachings of the Church.

Between 1500 and 1700, there were certainly a lot of new, exciting ideas. However, the impact that these ideas had on medical treatments during this period was minimal. It took a long time for people to let go of their old, trusted beliefs about the Theory of the Four Humours. Therefore,


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