Realist theories of crime

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Realists - See crime as a real problem, especially for its victims, they propose policies to reduce crime.

Right realist - conservative, new right outlook, zero tolerance to crime view.

Left realist - reformist socialists - promote equality 

Right realism -

  • See street crime as a growing problem
  • right realist believe other theories have failed to solve the problem of crime
  • Labeling theory - too sympathetic to criminals and hostile to police 
  • Best way to stop crime is control and punishment 
  • rather than tackling poverty 
  • They reject poverty is the cause of crime - old are poor, do not commit
  • three factors produce crime - biological differences, inadequate socializing and underclass, rational choice to offend

1.Biological differences -

  • personality traits such as aggressiveness
  • underclass who fail to socialize their children

2.The underclass -

  • Nuclear family is being undermined by welfare state
  • benefit dependent lone parents who fail to socialize their children
  • lack of the father


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