Reactivity series and extraction of metals

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Metals reaction with water.

When metals react with water they form positive ions, they can be ordered by how fast, vigorous the reaction is in the reactivity series.

 A more reactive metal will displace a less reactive metal from a non-metal, this is known as displacement. 


placing a magnesium ribbon in copper sulfate, the magnesium will react with the sulfate to form magnesium sulfate plus copper

Work out an order of reactivity based on reactions 

Metal     Copper nitrate   Magnesium nitrate  silver nitrate      zinc nitrate

Cu         No reaction        no reaction               silver crystals   no reaction                                    Mg         Brown solid       no reaction               silver solid        silver solid                                    Ag         no reaction         no reaction               no reaction       no reaction                                    Zn          brown solid        no reaction               silver solid       no reaction                                                             


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