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Confirmation strengthens your relationship with God and is a sign of a true Christian. Confirmation shows courage, wisdom and knowledge. It is important because it is a public statement of faith and is also confirming promises made at baptism. 

Worship can be public (in church) and/or private. Public worship consists of prayers, bible readings, church services such as hymns and the communion ceremony which is also known as the Eucharist. The communion resembles the last supper in which Jesus broke bread, which resembles his body, and shared wine, which resembles his blood. When consumed the Holy Spirit is inside you.

The Trinity is God the father. God the son and God the Holy Spirit.

Names that are related to God are the eternal, the judge, the creator, the all knowing, the father.

The Bible is said to be Gods word, it is split into two parts. The old testament gives accounts of creation, the ten commandments and the origins of Judaism. The new testament tells the stories of Jesus. The Bible is used to become more familiar with Gods teachings, it gives moral guidance and history of the faith. It is…


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