RE Section 1 - Believing in God- The design argument

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C) Explain wht the design argument leads some people to believe in God (8)

1) Design is...

The design argument is the belief that the world was designed by a designer (DIYSOS on the world)

However if EVERYTHING is designed then who designed the designer? (Designerseption)

In this question the main focus is Christianity due to the use of the word God. Therfore with the knowing that there is only ONE God in the eyes of Christianity then there is no support for the design idea. God coulden't just be there if the fact of the matter is EVERYTHING has a designer. (Uh-oh Loophole)

So say we just exsept the fact that God is there. We have a larger problem.  The complexity in which the world is created. How can one 'man' in the space of 7 'days' create such complex structures like the human heart? That has…


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