RE Philosophy - Good and Evil

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Good and Evil

Key Terms

Moral Evil, Natural Evil, Physical Evil, Metaphysical Evil, Irenaen Theodicy, Augustinian Theodicy, Suffering Christ, Atonement, Benevolent, Malevolent, Grace, Forgiveness, Omniscent, Benevolent, Omnipotent, Omnipresent

Different beliefs about God and Satan  

Christians either reject God and are rejected from going to heaven, or they accept Him. Christians believe that God is the source of everything good and rules over heaven; the devil (Satan) is the epitome of everything bad, is the cause of everything bad that happens on earth and rules over hell. Satan is believed to be the angel Lucifer, the only angel that ever disobeyed God. Some Christians believe that when we die, if we've lived a good life we go Heaven but if we have committed an abundance of sins, such as murder or adultery, we go to Hell. If we've done a mixture of good and bad things, we go to Purgatory until we have made up for our bad actions.

Christian Ideas about the Problems of Evil

The classical


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