RE Gcse Unit 3 Marriage and the Family

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Unit 3 Marriage and the Family

3.1 Changing attitudes towards relationships in the UK

Reasons for change:

Historical events- Abolition of slavery, voting rights for women, democracy and freedom of speech. This has created equal rights in society and set standards of acceptance.

Global world- World view has become increasing global. Via technology, media and travel people are less isolated. People have different views of the world and ways to do things so it is opening peoples minds to new possibilities.

Mixture of Cultures- Different races and religions have arrived in the UK in the past couple of decades. When different people live together in one place, a general agreement is created concerning what is acceptable.

Greater tolerance- Society celebrates diversity more.

The impact of the Media- TV shows influence the nation and so soap operas especially allow the exploration of issues such as homosexuality, inter-faith marriage, reconstituted families and different races and religions living together in harmony.

3.2 Christian attitudes towards sex outside of marriage

Sex outside of marriage means:

Adultery- Sex with someone who isn't your married partner

Sex before marriage.

Christians believe that sex outside of marriage is wrong because:

The bible only allows for sex between married partners

Children born outside of Nuclear family will have a less stable environment. Christians believe that the best family is the nuclear family

Promiscuity makes a person vulnerable to Sexually transmitted infections. 

Adultery breaks vows of marriage- said before God

Breaks 10 commandments

Modern Views:

Sex before marriage is acceptable to test the couples relationship (if less unhappy marriages take place, there will be less divorces.

The Bible is outdated and out of touch with 21st century views.

Cohabitation is acceptable.

3.3 The purpose of a Christian Marriage

Christians marry because:

Mark of shift in adult responsibility

To have a sexual relation

To have lawful, fulfilling sex


Be faithful to one another

Provide love and companionship

Symbolize God's love for the church

The Wedding ceremony:

Emphasis on God's role makes it spiritual as well as a legal agreement.

The rings- Eternal love and faithfulness

Vows- A promise to one another

Congregation- Pray and ask for God's blessing

Church-The act happens 'before God'

Verses from Bible spoken

Wedding Dress- White to show purity

3.4 Christian attitudes towards divorce

Firstly Key words: 

Sacrament: An outward sign of something holy, usually representing an aspect of God's relationship with human beings.

Annulment: A declaration


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