RE Gcse Unit 2 Matters of Life and Death

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Unit 2 matters of Life and Death

2.1 Why Christians believe in life after Death

Jesus rose from the dead

Verses in Bible which mention Life after Death- Heaven and Hell

Christian churches teach that there is an afterlife

Gives meaning and purpose to life

Some Christians have had paranormal experiences

2.2 Christians beliefs about the afterlife

Protestants- After death, the body stays in the grave, and the soul goes straight to God for judgement. They believe this because of evidence of the paranormal such as ghosts and Jesus told a thief on the cross that he'd be in heaven that day.

Other evangelical Christians- After death, the body stays in the ground until the end of the world, the soul stays in the ground until the end of the world and at the end of the world, Christians are judged. Good go to heaven, bad to hell. They believe this because Jesus' body was raised from the dead and St Paul taught Christians to believe in everlasting life.

Roman Catholics- Resurrection of body and Immortality of the soul. Sin free Christians go straight to heaven, Christians who have sinned have their sins cleansed and unforgivable sins go to hell. Also, Jesus will come back and reunite the bodies and make a new heaven and Earth. They believe this because the Resurrection of Jesus, teachings in the new testament and teachings from the catholic church.

2.3 Non-religious reasons to believe in the afterlife

Near Death experience- Out of Body experience

Contacting the dead- Mediums claim to be able to contact the dead.

Ghosts- Thought to be spirits of dead people. 

Reincarnation- Often thought to be religious reason for believing in Life after Death. 

2.3 Non-religious reasons to NOT believe in the afterlife

No evidence

Ideas of heaven and hell imaginary

Mediums are pranks to con people

The body decays so how can they live on

Concept of an afterlife unscientific

2.4 The law on abortion

An abortion can take place up to 24 weeks if two Doctors agree that:

The baby would damage mental health of mother/pre-existing kids

The baby would be born severely handicapped

The baby would risk the health of the mother.

For Abortion:

Pro Choice



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