RE Gcse Unit 1 Believing in GOD

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1.1 Christian Upbringing

Baptism- Family and Friends make promises

Worship- Learn about faith

Faith school- Surrounded by other members of same faith, make same faith friends

Community- Express your faith within the community

Adulthood- Marry someone of the same faith and pass teachings onto offspring

Key questions:

How does it lead to a belief in god?

Is it brainwashing?

1.2 Religious experience and a belief in God

Miracle- Breaks the laws of science. Convinces people that only God could have done this hence God exists

Answered Prayer- Attempt to contact God (usually through words) answered. God must have answered the prayer therefore god exists.

Numinous experience- The experience was so powerful that God must exist.

Conversion- Someone changes/becomes religious. Often mean that a person believes in God. This situation may occur in the form of an event or person. Conversion is a life changing event.

Key Questions:

God still performs miracles today-do you agree? Part B

Miracles are coincidences- do you agree? ditto

Unanswered prayers prove god doesn't exist?

1.3 and 1.4 Design and Causation argument


The world (like a watch) is so detailed it must have a designer. The designer is God. God exists. William Paley analogy.


Dominoes. Everything has a cause, nothing can happen by itself. God is the cause.God exists.


What/who caused and designed God?

God created evil- see problem of evil.

Scientific explanations of Universe

Key Questions:

Explain the Causation/design argument. 

1.5 and 1.6 Scientific explanations of the Universe

Big Bang:

An explosion took place millions of years ago and the universe is constantly expanding.

Theory of Evolution:

Charles Darwin. Animals with useful mutations survived whilst other species died out. Darwin's theory says that God didn't create the…


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