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3.1.1   The main features of a catholic upbringing and how it may lead to belief in God

Main features of catholic upbringing

  • parents teach their children prayers and about the saints of the church
  • parents take their children to church- many parishes have a children liturgy
  • send children to a catholic school where children are taught the national curriculum and r are taught in a catholic christian environment.

How a catholic upringing may lead to or support belief in God

  • a child's parents will have promised to teach their children about God as part if their baptism promises to bring them up as a catholic and young children believe what their parents tell them
  • catholic parents teach their children how to pray and about the lives of Jesus' disciples and other saints of the church this shows that prayer is natural and important part of their lives and encourages them to believe in God
  • going to church and seeing so many other people praying to God is likely to make them think that God must exist
  • Going to a children's liturgy would also support belief in God because children would learn why Catholics believe in God and what they believe about him.
  • going to a catholic school would have a similar effect as God and Christianity would be a normal feature of school life the children will also have RE lessons are more likely to believe in God because teachers tell them it is true
  • being confirmed would support belief in God as they learn more about him in confirmation lessons and possibly have a religious experience when the bishop lays his hands on them

3.1.2 How a religious experience may lead to belief in God

1. The numinous

the numinous is a feeling of Gods presence. When people are in a religious building they may feel that something is greater than them, which they feel to be God- It is likely to make them believe in God because it will make you feel as though something is greater than you and that God


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