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Origins and Meanings

Catholic beliefs about creation of the universe

  • God alone created the world out of nothing - ex nihilo

St Augustine

  • God is eternal - before the creation of the universe there was only God
  • God is transcendent - beyond space and time, part of this universe but not
  • God is the creator - created the Heaven and Earth - Nicene Creed "maker of Heaven and Earth all things visible and invisible"
  • God is omnipotent - he was able something out of nothing

Confessions XII, 7

  • Shows St Augustines views on the creation of the universe 
  • "This is not a matter of distance or place" - God is transcendent 
  • "Thou dist create something, that out of nothing" - omnipotent
  • "To which only thou art superior" - he is the most powerful

Ex Nihilo

  • For - he is omnipotent, there was nothing is the universe before him
  • Against - Genesis does not mention ex nihilo, nothing can be made from nothing, Big Bang

Genesis Creation Accounts 

Catholic - 

  • take into account the context of when written
  • Genesis is a symbolic parable about humans relationship with God and creation
  • science answers the how and why questions
  • 6 days = 6 periods of time

Fundamentalist -

  • Bible should be taken litarally
  • Genesis literally describes how the universe was created

Similarities -

  • Authors of the BIble are inspired by God 
  • Bible contains the word of God

God's Revelation

  • One God
  • He made everything
  • Everything he made was good
  • Made man in his image

Catholic response to evolution

  • St John Paul II - "there is no colfict between evolution and the doctrine of faith regarding man and his vocation"

Humans and Creation

  • Genesis - "rule over the fish... and the birds... and every living creature"
  • Genesis - "God let man name the animals"

Genesis and Humans

  • Imago dei - "God created man in his image"
  • Sanctity of life - we relect God
  • Goodness of Creation - "it was good"
  • Human stewardship - domination over other species


  • Love each other
  • Everyone is equal
  • No religion


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