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Christian Denominations

Roman Catholics:

-This is the largest Christian Church in the world.

-The Pope at the Vatican in Rome is the head of the church.

-Bishops are said to be successors of the apostles (Jesus' disciples) of which Peter was the first Pope and celibate men.

-Catholics celebrate in the Mass service where they take the Eucharist. They also seek forgiveness of sins by confession through a priest.

-They believe in transubstantiation, this is a belief that the bread and wine are transformed to the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Sharing in communion is only allowed by confirmed members of the Catholic Church.

-Women cannot be priests.

-There are seven sacraments; these are celebrations and rites of passage where members can see God as an active part in their life, they recieve the Holy Spirit and form a close relationship with God. They are Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Marriage, Holy orders and anointing of the sick.

-High importance placed on the Holy Bible.


-Quakers are known as the Christian Society of Friends.

-The name 'Friends' comes from Jesus' remark "You are my friends if you do what I command you" (John 15:14)
-Quakers believe that everybody should be able to access 'that of God in everyone'- meaning that everybody is a child of God and should be treated equally.

-Quakers do not have churches - they have meeting houses.

-They believe in direct experience of God and say that rituals and priests are barriers to this direct experience.

-Quakers believe that redemption and the Kingdom of Heaven are to be experienced on earth.

-Quakers work actively to make a better world, and reduce their burden on the


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