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'Muhammad's most important role between 622 and 632CE was as a miltary leader'. Assess this view.

  • Agree- Military Leader- won 2 out of 3 battles- the Battle of Uhud in 625CE was lost because of the Muslims, as they became ignorant and didn't head the Prophet's warning to stay in their posts.
  • Battle of the Trenches in 628CE- it was the first time that such a warfare tactic was ever used in Arabia and the Makkans didn't know what to do about it.
  • Also a military leader because in the Battle of Badr he would order the Muslims to raid Abu Sufyan's caravan.
  • Important role because it helped develop the religion and allowed the Muslims to carry out prayer and Islam.
  • Disagree-1)He was a mediator- which was the reason why he was invited to Madina as he was the only man who could replace the black stone, thus gaining him the names of 'Al Amin(trustworthy) and Al Sadiq(truthful). It is apparent that the Peope of Yathrib only invited him because of his abilites not because they acceoted his message. 
  • In Makkah Sarwar even notes that "he was the judge and referee of the Quraysh at the time of their disputes and crises".
  • Law-giver- Consitution of Medina- settled blood feud rights to teh community, Ummah. Muslims had extra commitments/ all had to help believers of whatever clan/if any believer was attacked they had to be protected. Treaty of Hudaybiya in 628- if a Meccan was captured by the Muslims they would go back to the Quraysh tribe but if a Muslim was cpptured by the eccans they would not be given to Muhammad. The Muslims were not allowed in Mecca in 628CE but could make pigrimage for three days in 629CE.
  • Warner- in Madinah he would people the People of Yathrib- Jews and Christians of the hell fire.
  • Messenger- he was following God's plan by making the Hijra in 622CE.
  • Mortal- he cared about social problems first and fore most as one of the reasons he made the Hijra was because he was worried about the Muslims' protection, as it…


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