Rational explanations TFH MT Hippo and Galen

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Brain dump see how much i can remember - Why TFH and TO remained so popular in the middle ages:

The influence of the church, as they controlled the books which were produced in the monastries therefore any books which didn't show God as the reason were not produced or promoted, and controlled the reading and teaching in the universities.  Galen was loved by the Church as he believed that the body was created by a higher being, Galen linked his research to Hippocrates theory of four humours and people carried on believing them as the Church did. Also anyone who didn't go with the Church sayings were tortured and humilaited and show to the family and others what would happen if you went against God's teachings.

Importance of book learning, as it was seen as intelligence if you had widely read, therefore if you had read Hippocrates and Galen then you were seen as a worthy expensive physican. If a lot…


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