rate of reaction

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rates of reaction 

mean rate of chemical reaction 

the slope of the line gives us an idea of the rate of reaction 

the stepper the slope the faster the reaction 

when the slope of the line becomes less steep it means that the reaction is slowing down so therefore rate of reaction is decreasing 

this is because the reactant molecules  have already reacted and turned into products 

which therefore means fewer molecules to react 

when the line is flat that means the reaction has stopped 

we measure the quantity of reactants formed in grams 

if it is a gas it is cm cubed 


In this chemical reaction 60 g of product was formed in 15 secs

calculate mean rate of reaction 

equation is 

mean rate of reaction is 

quantity of product formed 

divide by time taken 


also there is quanity of reaction used so not just formed 

quantity of reactants used 

divided by time taken 

using tangents to determined rates 

vip : the slope of a curve  is constantly changing 

drawing a straight line which just touches the curve at the point we are intersted this straight line is called a tangent 

in this case the tangent slope than the one kater in the curve which means that the reaction is faster at the start than the end 

to use a tangent to determine the rate of reaction u find a point on the curve lets say 30 seconds then u draw a straight line touching th curve then you construct a triangle then you measure from the sides


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