Raindrop Chopin

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Raindrop Prelude General Points

- Raindrop Prelude is one in a collection of 24 preludes, one of each in the 12 Major and 12 Minor keys.
- Composed in 1839.
Light repeated quavers heard throughout sound like raindrops, hence 'raindrop prelude'.

Key Features Of The Romantic Period

- Music is more expressive and emotive.
- Rich chromatic harmonies and lots of dissonance. 
Modulation between keys.
- Pieces of music are much longer.

Instrumentation And Dynamics

- Written for piano.
- Uses the middle and lower range of the piano.
- This work is not virtuosic and the focus is on the legato tone. 
- There is a wide range of dynamics (pp-ff).
- Lots of crescendos and diminuendos so there are no sudden contrasts or…


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