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The relationship between stress and illness scores were investigated by testing for correlations between an individual’s LCU totals for each of the four 6 month periods and the illnesses reported by each man.

The only significant relationship was between the LCU total for the six months immediately prior to departure and the illness score (r=0.118). This indicates that there was a weak positive correlation, but given the number of participants involved (over 2,500), it was considered to be significant.

After the participants were put in order of lowest to highest total LCU, and then dividing the list into deciles (each a 10th of the ships’ crew), the overall totals were calculated. The illness ratings were then compared between deciles.

After this division, two of the ships showed large differences and the other not so much, therefore, when all data for the 3 vessels were combined, the differences between the deciles were obscured and the only big differences were at each end of the scale. For instance, the LCU for band 1 had the lowest mean illness rate of 1.434 and the LCU band 10 had the highest mean illness rate of 2.049. The only biggest significant


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