Rag Desh

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Rag Desh

Elements of a Raga

  • Melody - improvised from notes of a raga. Sung or Played.
  • Drone - 1 or 2 notes from the raga. Usually on Tambura.
  • Rhythm - repeating pattern, tala on tabla drums.

The Melody - Rag

 In between a melody and a scale it goes up and down but the notes are different in each direction, 5-8 notes.

The Drone

Indian music is a linear concept (melody is of main imprtance). The drone is played on a Tambura and is usually notes 1&5 from the Raga. It's main function is to add texture and a reference point for the melody.


Tabla drum plays a repeating cycle. Most common is the 'Teental' each beat being a 'Matras'

Form of a Performance


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