Quickdraw - Mr Bruff - A* Analysis

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Carol Ann Duffy - Scottish poet and playright. Bisexual. Film high-noon, a lot of referece to the film. A film about a lone sheriff who gets into gun fights. A lot of imagery in relation to mobile phones. CONCEIT- An extended metaophor throught this poem where the arguement is a gun-fight.


Title references to shoot-out imagery and references to a western gun fight. There is a lot of technology language which is a conflict between the two themes, this is symbloic between the two characters in the poem.

I wear the two, the mobile and the landline phones, like guns, slung from the pockets on my hips. I’m all alone. You ring, quickdraw, your voice a pellet in my ear, and hear me groan.


You’ve wounded me. 

These lone lines show the realistic argument…


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