Questions on Enzymes

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Questions - Enzymes - Module 2 

1) What is the definition of a catalyst? (1 mark)

2) State the type of molecule an enzyme is. (1 mark)

3) What is meant by the terms; intracellular enzymes and extracellular enzymes?
     (2 marks) 

4) State the reactions that enzymes catalyse. (1 mark)

5) Give one advantage of boiling an acid, and state how this has an impact on a reaction. (2 marks)

6) What does extra energy provide…


Dominic Fung


These are great Kiaya. They'll help me soo much, and some of the stuff in that is higher level than what I'm doing in school now. Your questions are to the point and have the key info. The only thing is, there are some questions I don't the answers to...I'd be so grateful if you might be able to make one with the answers? Other than though, they're perfect!



good quiz to check memory

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