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QUALITY - Measure Of Excellence, How Free A Product Is From Defects Or Faults

ISO - International Standards Organisation

When Quality Meets The Needs & Expectations Of The Customers Then It Is Of The Required Standard

Quality Is Important To The Success Of A Business To Maximise Profits, To Attract & Keep Customers With A Good Quality Service


Good :)

  • More Customers
  • Repeat Business
  • More Competitive
  • Lower Production Costs
  • Lower Inspection Costs
  • Less Waste

Poor :(

  • Loss Of Business
  • Penalties For Late Delivery
  • Late Payment Due To Customer Disatisfaction

- Cost Of Scrap & Waste

- Cost Of Correcting Mistakes & Paying Penalty Charges

- Cost Of Express Delivery To Get Late Deliveries In

Through Customer Compliants Or Through A Customer Satisfaction Survey, Rejection Rates & Failure A Business Could Measure Quality

4 Steps A Business Can Take To Improve Quality...

  • Analyse Its Production Process
  • Examine All Of Its Inputs
  • Examine Process & Procedures Used In The Organisation
  • Analyse All Of Their Outputs To Ensure That They Are Too High Quality

Quality System;;


- Suppliers

- Materials

- Info

- Skills

- Knowledge



- Product

- Service

- Info

- Paperwork


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