Qualification, Selection and Appointment of Magistrates

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Qualifications and eligibility to be a magistrate

No special qualifications required, but must have the following personal qualities:

  • Be of good character - must have personal integrity, be able to keep confidences and have the respect and trust of others
  • Have understanding and communication - they must understand documents, identify facts, follow evidence and concentrate for long periods. Must communicate effectively both in and out of court
  • Have social awareness - as well as an appreciation and acceptance of the rule of law, respect for people from different ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds, and an understanding for the local community
  • Mature - an awareness and understanding of people, a sense of fairnes, humanity and courteousness
  • Sound judgement - the ability to think logically, to weigh arguments and come to a sound decision, having an open mind, being objective, recognising and controlling prejudices
  • Commitment and reliability - committed to serving the community and making the necessary time committment, must be willing to undergo training, be in good health, need support of family and employer

They must also…


Ben Phillips


you missed out the fact that people with undisclosed bankruptcies cannot become magistrates. Would help if it was bullet pointed but it was helpful :)



Oops sorry about that, and I'll bear that in mind for the next one - thanks :)

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