Public Health: key words

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Clean party - for 1st public health act

Dirty party - against 1st public health act, laissez faire

Laissez faire -government not taking responsibility

Cellars - single room under another type of housing, very damp and crowded

Back to back - houses built back to back, small, cramped

Courts - 2 rows of back to back houses with a court yeard in the middle with one well and a privy heap

Privy -

Jerry built - cheaply & poorly built

Rookeries - street shelters, often used by orphans

Cesspit -where human waste collected

Pump - central water pump, drinking water obtained from here as well as for washing, cooking etc

Kennel/chanel - central drain

Sewer - a pipe which carries away human waste

Crossing sweeper -paid to sweep clean roads infront of the rich

Lighting boy -

Night soil dealer - sold human waste to farmers for fertilisers at night

Dysentry - disease, severe diahorea

Cholera - disease, caused by dirty water, 1831-2, 1848-9, 1853-4 (John Simon), 1866-7

Consumption (TB) - a disease of the lungs causing them to fill up with liquid, aided by damp

Typhoid/ Enteric fever - disease, water bourne

Miasmatic theory - the idea that disease was caused by bad smells



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