Public funding for civil cases

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Legal Services & Funding

Help for Funding




·         Lawyers or advice agencies with a contract

·         Website

·         Duty solicitor at police station

·         Duty solicitor at Magistrates’ court


·         Community Legal Service

·         Must show case should be funded

·         Some cases are not funded

·         E.g. personal injury, defamation & claims under £5,000

·         Criminal Defence Service

·         Available if in the interests of justice

·         Finances considered at the end of the case

·         May have a salaried defender or private lawyer.

Private Help

·         Conditional fee agreements

·         Some pro bono representation available

·         Must pay the full fee

·         Conditional fee agreements are NOT allowed


Access to justice Act 1999 2 schemes

  1. Community legal service
  2. Criminal Defence Service

The legal services commission oversees the public funding for both of these schemes.

The community legal service does:

-          General information about the law and legal system & the availability of legal services

-          Legal advice

-          Help in preventing or otherwise resolving disputes about legal rights & duties (this may include in representation in the county court or High court )

-          Help in enforcing decisions by which such disputes are resolved.

The money paid for this service comes out of the legal service fund, there is a set limit of money to be used.

Certain types of civil cases are NOT funded, these are:



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