PSYUNIT3: Criminal- Anger management (A01+2)

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  • Anger management programmes are based on cognitive behavioural principle. The programme uses CBT to help change the imates thought processs.
  • This programmes would try to help the individual reduce their anti-social behaviour by allowing them to learn to recognise and control their emotions, which should in turn, help them to avoid aggressive thoughts that lead to their aggressive behaviour.
  • During this treatment the individual will undergo three key stages; cognitive preparation, skill aquisition and application practice.
  • The first stage is cognitive preparation. This is where the invidual is put in a group. The group is helped to recognise their own anger patterns, and therefore identify situations that potentially trigger their aggressive behaviours.
  • The second stage is skill aquisition. This phase involves the individual learning behavioural and cognitive coping strategies, such as relaxation.
  • The final stage


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