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Defining Abnormality

Abnormality can be described as Deviation from Social Norms

All societies have a standard of 'normal' acceptable behaviour. Any behaviour that does not fit in with the norms and values of society is deemed 'abnormal'

The problem with defining abnormality in this way is that its used to justify treating people as outcasts and to remove 'unwanted' people from society.

Another limitation of this definition is the fact that norms and valuses change over time. For example, mental illness was shunned and stigmatised but now there is more support for sufferes. (Mental ilnesses classified by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disordrers)

Abnormaility can also be described as Deviation from Statistical Norms

Abnormality is usually seen as rare behaviour,any abnormal behaviour will not be counted within the bell curve.

The problem of defining abnormality this way is the fact that it ignores the desirability of the behaviour, just…


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