Psychology Unit 1 - Stereotypes

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STEREO TYPE = over simplified, genralised set of ideas that we have about people

PREJUDICE = opinions and thaughts about a certain set of people

DISCRIMINATON  = actions taken towrds a set of people you have prejudice views about also.


A - To investigate sex stereo typing across cultures

M - Partcicpans were given a list of characteristics and asked wheather they thaught they appied to males or females.

R - They found that the same characteristics were associate with males and females across the globe

C - Gender stereo types are cross cultural.

RUBIN ET AL. (1977)

A - To see if parents stereo type their own babies.

M - Parents were asked to decribe their child within 24 hours of it being born.

R - Boys were described a 'strong', girls as 'delicate'

C - Parents stereo type their children


A - To look at the development of prejudice veiws amongst young children.

M - They interviewed 216, english, five to ten year olds and asked them their opinions on people from other european countries.

R - They found that children already demonstrate prejudice veiws about other people

C - By the age of 10 children hold prejudice views towards others.

 SHERIF (1961)

 A - To see how prejudice develops when groups are in competition

M - He set up an American summer camp for young boys and split the 22 of them into two equil teams of 11. He held a competition to win a silver cup.

R - Soon the groups were fighting and


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