Psychology Unit 1-memory

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Sensory-store = Less than one sec + Very limated

Short-term-store = Less than one min + 7+/-2

Long-term-store = Up to a lifetime + Unlimated


A- To see if rehersal was necessary to hold information in the short-term-store

M- Participants were given sets of three letters to remember (such as UAK FUJ), but were imediatly asked to count backwards in threea out loud for diffrent lengths of time. THis was donee to prevent rehersal. Participants were then asked to re-call the letters in the corrent order.

R- The results of the study showed that participants had forgotten virtually all of the information after 18 seconds.

C- It was concluded that we cannot hold information in the short-term memory unless we can reherse it.


A- To see if people, when given something unfamiliar to remember, would alter the information.

M- Participans were asked to read a story called 'War Of The Ghosts' which was a native americal legand. Later they were asked to retell the story as accuratly as possable. This retelling was repeated several times during the weeks that followed.

R- Bartlett discovred that his participants found it difficult to remember bits of the story with spirits and other bits changed, so that the story made more sense to them each time they recalled it.

C- Bartlett concluded that our memory is influenced by knowlage that we already know.


A- To see if the type of questions asked about words will have an effect on the number of words recalled.

M- Participants were presented with a list of words, one at


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