Psychology - stress

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PHYSIOlogical - body - biological
PSYCHological- mind - cognitive, behavioural, psychodynamic

Benzodiazephines (BZ's) Psychological
These drugs are used for stress management. They increase the activity of the neurotransmitter GABA. GABA is an anxiety relief that makes you feel more relaxed and reduces the role of other neurotransmitters. Reducing serotonin is important as it reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress.

Beta-blockers (BB's) Physiological
These drugs are also used for stress management. They reduce activation of the cardiovascular systems. Cells are binded to the heart to stop the chance of them being stimulated. This means that adrenaline/nor adrenaline is reduced which will decrease heart/blood pressure. The person is left feeling calmer and less anxious

Biofeedback - Physiological
Patients learn information about physical processes they would not usually be aware of.
1) The patient is attached to a monitor/machine which gives feedback of heartrate/blood pressure/muscle tension
2) Through a variety of techniques the client is taught how to treat symptoms through muscle relaxation, meditation and breathing control exercises
3) This feeling of relaxation acts like a reward and encourages the person to repeat this as involuntary activity
4) The person lears to use these techniques in real life situations

Evaluation of biological stress management treatments
#:) Both drugs and biofeedback…


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