Psychology; Social Influence

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the influence a group has over an individuals behaviour/attitudes due to real or imaginary group pressure. it is the MAJORITY INFLUENCE.

there are three types of conformity;

COMPLIANCE: going along with others to gain approval or avoid disapproval. publically go along but have private disagreements upon the topic

INTERNALISATION: going along with others as we've accepted their view as it is consistent with our own both privately and publically.

IDENTIFICATION: has elements of both. accept others view as we see it as right and true but only to be accepted. this may change if the group changes.


SHERIF: stationary white dot, estimate how far it had moved. pp's estimates got closer together when in groups and a group norm emerged. ASCH said the norm occured because some were unsure of the answer so used others to guide them.

ASCH: his aim; to what extent people will conform to a majority opinion even when it appears obviously incorrect.

Procedure: 123 american undergraduate males. shown standard line then comparison lines. "which of the


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