Psychology - Rosenhan - Findings and Conclusions

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Findings and Conclusions

Study 1

  • All the pseudopatients were admitted and all but one were diagnosed as schizophrenic. Each was eventually discharged with a diagnosis of schizophrenia 'in remission'. The length of hospitalisation varied from 7 - 52 days, within average of 19 days.
  • While the pseudopatients were at hospital, the 'real' patients regularly voices their suspicions, with 35 out of 118 patients making statements such as 'you're not crazy',' youre a journalist' or 'you're a professional checking up on the hospital'.
  • The pseudopatients were given a total of 2100 tablets, including Elavil, Stelazime and Campazine

Study 2

  • Over the three months,193 patients were admitted for treatment. None of them was actually pseudopatient but:
  • 41 were judged


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