Psychology - Langer and Rodin - Findings and Conclusions

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Findings and Conclusions

  • The pre-test assessment of the residents showed the two groups were very similar prior to the study. None of the differences were significant. This was an important baseline measure.
  • In the RIG, 48% of the resdients reported feeling happier, compared with only 25% of the residents in the CG.
  • Residents in the RIG reported themselves to be significantly more ative after the experiemtnal treatment than did resdients in the CG.
  • Residents in the RIG were rated as having greater increases in their levels of alertness than were residents in the CG.
  • The RIG showed increases in the propotion of time spent visiting other patients, visiting people from outside the home, and talking to the staff. They spent less time engaging in 'passive' activites, such as watching the staff, reading and watching television.
  • The only measure where improvement was greater for the CG than the RIG was watching staff -


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