Psychology - Buss study - Findings and Conclusions

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Findings and Conclusions

Good Financial prospects

  • In general, Western European smaples valued earning capacity less than South American, North American, Asian and African samples, although there were variations among smaples within continents.
  • In 36 of 37 samples (97%), females valued 'good financial prospects' in a mate more highly than did males.
  • The sole exception was Spain, where there was a difference in predicted direction, but it was not significant.

Ambition and industriousness

  • Both sexes in Nigerian, Zulu, Chinese, Taiwanese, Estonian, Palestinian, Colombian and Venezuelan samples placed a high value on this mate characteristics.
  • This characteristic was not related low in any sample.
  • Although samples in the Netherlands, Great Britain, West Germany and Finland expresses the least amount of preference for it.
  • In 34 of 37 samples (92%), females expressed a higher valuation for 'ambition and industriousness' in a mate than males did.
    In three samples those from Colombia, Spain and South African Zulus - the opposite sex difference was found, although it was only significant in the South African Zulu sample.


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