Psychology Attachment- Types of Attachments & Research (PSYA1)

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Ainsworth & Bell Study of Attachment (The Strange Situation)


  • Mother leaves child in unfamiliar environment
  • Child is approached by the stranger.
  • Mother returns.
  • Looks at separation protest, stranger anxiety and reunion behaviour.


Three patterns of attachment:

  • Secure =66%
  • Insecure avoidant =22%
  • Insecure resistant =12%

 Ainsworth suggested that attachment type was determind by primary care's (mothers) behaviour.

Secure Attachment- Type B

  • Upset when mother left.
  • Positive, happy when she returned.
  • Avoident of stranger but friendly when mother present.

Insecure Avoident- Type A

  • Unconcerned by mothers absence.
  • Unresponsive when she returned.
  • Strongly avoident of mother and stranger.

Inescure Resistant- Type C

  • Intensely distressed when mother left.
  • Apparent fear of stranger.
  • Clingliness mixed with rejection on return.
  • Associated with inconsistent primary care.



Ethnocentric- only middle…


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