Psychology as a science

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1.) Features of a science: Control, Repliability, Objectivity, Paradigm

  • Control: Being able to control other variables so that they do not effect the study
  • Repliablity: Being able to repeat results, using a standarised methods and gain similar result so that the study become reliable.
  • Objectivity: The study measure what it intends to.
  • Paradigm: Patterns from results, then comparing them to others.

2.) Induction + Deduction: Karl Popper 1935

  • Induction: Reasoniing from the particular to general.
  • Deduction: Reasoning from particular to general.
  • Hypothetico-Deductive System.
  • Making observation- Producing laws/theories- Generating a hypothesis- Testing it- Reject/refine.

3.) Arguments for Psychology as a science: Scientific method over common-sense psychology, Scientific methods, Cause and effect.

  • Scientific knowledge is more useful thean common-sense psychology: People want to understand human behaviour, producing verifiable knowledge and distancing from common-sense psychology. Claiming proof, only scientific method can so this.
  • Scientific methods: Coming up with theories and testing them, modifing and then testing them again, this method is used in all areas of science, chemisty, biology, physics and psychology.
  • Cause and Effect (determisnist): Science bases it's ideas on everything having a cause…


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