Psychology - Aggression - Biological Explanations


Aggression - Biological Explanations.

The Brain - You are born to be aggressive.

· Aggression might be caused by your biological make-up.

· It is something you are born with.

· It is natural, and cannot be changed.

· Research shows there are two areas of the brain, involved in aggression.

Amygdala - Part of the Limbic System, Main area responsible for recognising and producing aggression.

The Limbic System - Found in middle of brain, made up of many structures, 'emotional area' of brain, recognises and produces emotions needed for survival.


King (1961): A women’s brain was electrically stimulated during an operation. She became threatening and verbally aggressive until the electrical current was turned off.

Charles Whitman (1966): He killed 13 people, after killing his mother and wife. He left a note asking doctors to examine his brain, as he thought something was making him aggressive. He a brain tumour pressing on his amgdala.

Difficulties Researching The Brain.

· Cut brain open to see inside.

· Damage areas and see if it affects aggression.


· Use animals instead.

· Researchers study animals instead of humans because of ethics.

· Damaged amygdala - affects