Psychology- Aggression

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Social Learning Theory & Aggression


We watch other people, in particular children watch others a lot of the time. We can see how people react to certain situations; what they say, what they do, how they do/ say it. We can also observe the consequences of somebodies actions.


In Social Learning Theory, anyone whose behaviour is pbserved like this is called a model . The type of people are more likely to be models are those who are:

Similar to the child- Someone of the same age, sex, family, same interests.

Powerful- such as a parent, teacher, pop star, sports star, cartoon hero.

Caring- such as a parent or teacher

Reinforced- if the child sees that the model's behaviour leads to pleasants consequences (such as gaining), it is called vicarious reinforcement because the observer is reinforced indirectly.


If the observer imitates the behaviour we know that the behaviour has been learned. For example, a boy might punch his teddy-bear in the same way as the hero in a cartoon punched another character. If the child get admiration from his friends then this counts as reinforcement and he is likely to continue.


The individual is more likely to perform the behaviour again if they are rewarded for it. If the boy




Especially females?!

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