Psychology Schizophrenia Reliability (8 M)

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Discuss reliability and/or validity in relation to the diagnosis of schizophrenia (8 Marks)

Relability is finding constitent finding's. In schizophrenia relability is where a diagnosis is repeatable, this means that two different clinicians must be able to reach the same conclusions at different times in the clients life. A diagnosis is given by two or more clinicans give the same/or similar diagnosis (inter-rater reliability) of the same patient/client. The inter rater reliability is measured by a kappa score where a 0 means no agreement between the results and 1 means a perfect agreement on the results. A kappa score of 0.7 or above is considered a good agreement. 

Reliability is an issue when diagnosising schizophrenia due to cultural difference's. The ethnics culture hypothesis predicts that ethnic minority groups experience less destress associated with mental disorders down to the protective characteristics and social structures that exist in most ethnic minority cultures. This was supported by Brekka and Barrio who found evidence to


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